Reflecting upon this pandemic

Covid-19 is something that quite honestly no one could have predicted, and the impacts of this pandemic have been huge. Many businesses have been suffering financially, deaths of over a million people globally have occurred as a result of this virus, for sports lovers a cancellation of all sports has taken place, as well as much more. Furthermore, this pandemic has impacted individuals in many different ways, both good and bad. In this article I talk about the impacts of Covid-19, as well as summarise some key takeaways from this pandemic.

First of all, it is absolutely no denying that this pandemic has had a detrimental impact to the lives of many people. For people my age, there has been massive uncertainly on how exams are going to take place, as well as uncertainly over summer internships and graduate schemes. People with jobs have been made to work from home and some people have been furloughed. Furthermore, others have had to deal with the loss of loved ones as a result of this virus. Moreover, the mental health for many have declined due to the constant uncertainty and stress caused by this pandemic. And there are much more negative impacts that have been felt due to Covid-19.

However, no matter how long one can go on about how bad this pandemic is, there have also been good things that have come out of this. Pollution in many countries has decreased significantly in many parts of the world, for example China. A good number of people have been able to spend quality time with their family and loved ones, as well as have had the chance and time to do things that they wouldn’t normally have done, such as starting a new hobby, exercising from home or even trying out some new cooking recipes. But I think the main and most important benefit that has come out of this is that people have had the chance to take a step back and reflect on things. A lot of people that I know live life at 100 miles per hour (including myself, and I love having that lifestyle). However, living life at such a fast pace and constantly being extremely busy means that it is easy to forget the importance of sometimes taking a step back to really reflect on things. I have seen clear evidence that people have prioritised their health and family more during this pandemic, which I am sure is partly due to people thinking about and prioritising the things that are truly important for them.

There are many takeaways from this pandemic. The main takeaway I think which should come from this is not take anything for granted. Personally, I am someone that admittedly doesn’t fully appreciate the amount of freedom I have, and although I don’t misuse it, I have always thought of freedom as something that would never be taken away from me. However, this pandemic has proved me very wrong, where I have sometimes had to think twice before even going outside for a walk. Not only taking freedom for granted, this pandemic has also taught us not to even take small things which seem obvious for granted. For example, a lot of us are very lucky to even have a family that provides everything for us as well as a house to live in, as not everyone has that. We should certainly appreciate the small things, as they are often the most important.

I think another takeaway from this pandemic is the importance of living in the present. A lot of people like to set long term goals and think about where they want to be in 5 years. This is a really good way to go about life, and I certainly think people who do this should keep doing it. However, this pandemic has given us all a brutal reality into the fact that we do not know what could happen in the future. Forget the next month, we don’t even know what will happen in the next 24 hours due to this pandemic. Therefore, it is crucial to embrace the present moment and not let our long-term plans and goals completely dominate our thinking to the point where we neglect the present. Taking things one day at a time is very important, as this means that you can still be able to work towards long term goals by living in the present moment at the same time.

The thing I am extremely interested in finding out is whether this pandemic will lead to a sustained change in society for the better. It’s all well and good us saying things like how important the NHS is and how we should appreciate the work they do, or how we should check up on loved ones more often. But the challenging bit here, which is will certainly prove to be a challenge is actually creating a long-term change rather than a change that only happens for 2 and 3 months after this has ended. In the context of the NHS, I hope in the long term we and the government realise how important they are to our country, and I don’t mean by just clapping every Thursday night. Furthermore, when it comes to checking up on loved ones more often, it should be something that we should be doing anyway, no matter how busy we are. Checking up on loved ones regularly at the time of this pandemic is great, but we must make sure that it doesn’t become like a new year’s resolution which normally only gets followed through at the first few days of the year and that’s it. In my opinion, a very good way to create long term change after this pandemic has ended is by reflecting upon what the pandemic has taught us, and actively coming up with ways to implement what we have learnt in our day to day lives. Not only will doing this help create long term change, it will help us all become a better person in the future.


31 thoughts on “Reflecting upon this pandemic

  1. Great post, and I fully agree with everything! These are difficult times but definitely this is a lesson for a generation. I hope this experience, and such blogs, won’t be forgotten once this is over (as much I am looking forward to that).


  2. This pandemic and being in lockdown certainly has had pro’s and con’s! The effect of not seeing family and friends is torture, however, it has enabled little family units in one household to spend more quality time with each other. Being told to simply stay at home was the craziest thing, but in some respects, as time went on, it became normal! Sim – Sim’s Life


  3. I have noticed a lot that I took for granted before this – things like being invited out with friends and being too tired or wanting to spend weekends at home rather than going out to fun places right on my doorstep. I’ll definitely making much more effort to do fun things when this is all over.

    Louise |


  4. It is great to see some of the positive impact on the environment the covid lockdowns have caused. It would be nice if they lasted but I suspect some people will continue to be less vigilant and do what serves them.


  5. I do think many things will change post this, many other countries used face masks and worked from home far more, and i think this will have propelled this culture here far greater, many companies will disappear because of all this, and some will be changed forever, this is the first and potential of many similar things in the future and we will all have to adapt, I’ve not been impressed by many in how they have acted in this time, but that’s just my opinion.


  6. I really don’t think it has changed many people and things already feel as if they are back to normal. So many cars are now back on the roads and people have treated the beach where I live as a human waste dump 😦


  7. I have really spent a lot of time reflecting about life during the pandemic and I am honestly going to change a lot of things for good. I am in no rush to get back to prelockdown life.


  8. You’re so right about not taking things for granted, I think we used to so much. Now I appreciate every time I get to go outside, every shopping trip and every time I see a family member as it means more x


  9. We can only hope that this will change the society around us for the better. I can’t see how we can go back to “normal” after this. So many things have happened/changed


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