Why we should appreciate diversity

One of the things that makes society tick is diversity. Diversity comes in so many forms, and it is a broad term. When I was at Warwick University, I was impressed by the wide array of skills and talents among students, and everyone had different qualities and talents that allowed them to thrive. Indeed, one of the main things I have learnt from university is to appreciate and embrace diversity. In this article, I want to talk about why we should appreciate and value diversity as well as talk about my own experiences.

One way in which we experience diversity is by everyone having different skills and talents. For example, when it comes to extracurricular activities some people are good at playing a certain musical instrument, some are excellent at playing certain sports, others are wonderful at dancing and so on. In the blogging community, people write about a wide range of topics. Some bloggers including me blog about lifestyle topics, some write wonderful poems, and the list can go on. Diversity also comes in the form of ethnic and cultural diversity, as well as diversity in opinions and mindset. The key point I want to make is that diversity takes so many forms, some in ways you may not have noticed or talked about!

As mentioned in the first paragraph, I have learnt the importance of appreciating diversity. One reason why we should appreciate diversity is that we can learn from people that have different qualities to us. I feel that a lot of what we learn is from other people, and that other people can help us become the best version of ourselves. For example, I developed a lot of my soft skills from other students whilst at university. I was good at time management and organisation, and I helped others develop these skills. Similarly, I developed my communication, teamwork as well as other skills from students that were better than me in that particular skill. However, if I didn’t value the diversity of skillsets among the students, I wouldn’t have learnt anything from them, and I certainly wouldn’t have been as all-rounded as I now am. Diversity of skillsets means that there will be things you are good at that others aren’t, and vice versa. Taking that as a positive means that we can learn from each other, which is an excellent thing.

In my opinion, a more important reason for appreciating diversity is that it helps us become more open minded. Being open minded is a great trait to have in order to become the best version of yourself. Appreciating diversity in opinions and mindsets helps you understand and value different viewpoints, which can enable you to expand your perspective. Furthermore, being open minded to diversity in cultures means that you can be more tolerant of other people’s beliefs and values. Often people gravitate towards people that are similar to them, both culture wise and mindset wise, even if this is unintentional. This can end up hindering them, and make them less open minded to other cultures and mindsets.

My own experiences of diversity have been extremely positive. Warwick University is home to students from a wide range of different cultures and countries. Furthermore, I have also been an active member of a range of different societies, from academic societies such as the Warwick MORSE and Maths societies, to sports societies such as the badminton and chess society, to even cultural societies such as the Hindu society and the Krishna Consciousness Society. The diverse range of societies I have been a part of has allowed me to meet people with a range of different interests. As a result, I have been lucky enough to currently have a diverse range of friends when it comes to talents and interests, as well as mindsets and opinions. Furthermore, about 70% of my current friends are from completely different backgrounds and ethnicities to me. This has turned out to be a good thing for me, as it has allowed me to understand viewpoints different to mine, and enabled me to be open to lots of new perspectives.

The benefits I have mentioned above contribute to us becoming the best version of ourselves. Although a lot of us know that diversity is good, some of us can do more to appreciate the importance of it in our day to day lives. Hopefully you found this article useful, and I would love to hear your experiences of diversity, and how it has helped you.

20 thoughts on “Why we should appreciate diversity

  1. I think now more than ever it’s so important to appreciate how diverse we all are. With so much hatred and racism in the world, if we all stopped and appreciated our differences the world might be a better place.

    I like how you spoke about diversity in the sense of that everyone does things differently. Imagine if we all did the same thing? How boring would the world be.

    Such a great read!

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    1. You make a really good point Olivia, instead of hating each other because of differences, if we took a moment to consider diversity and differences as a good thing, the world would be in a better place! It would be very very boring if we were all the same.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  2. I completely agree with what you’ve said – it’s undeniable that the world wouldn’t be the way it is today if we didn’t have diversity!

    I was reading something recently that spoke about what makes a successful team, and, unsurprisingly, a good team consists of diversity, because you need both big picture thinkers and detail orientated people to get things done effectively.

    I think it’s refreshing to gain insight into areas we are less familiar with – it’s how we learn and progress as people 😊

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    1. Thanks for these points Alice, for a successful team we need a diversity of skillsets and everyone can contribute in different ways. If everyone in the team had the complete same skillset it wouldn’t work as well!

      And one thing I was lucky at university is that I made friends to people that had different views and interests to me, I was then able to gain insight in ways I wasn’t familiar in before.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  3. Such a great post. Totally agree that diversity really helps us learn so much from people coming from different backgrounds. Also diversity increases tolerance amongst us something that is so lacking in our world today be it in the US or in India or China (Mongolian’s struggle).


  4. A very well written post, Niraj and I absolutely agree with you. Diversity helps us better appreciate our differences and even similarities. Working in a diverse group or forming relationships may not be easy but it really does opens us up to take on more challenges and broadens our perspective!

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  5. I absolutely agree with what you said in this post. Diversity is such a beautiful thing and there is so much that we can learn from one another. At a time when there is already so much negativity out there we should be trying to spread positive energy and one way to do this is to embrace diversity.

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  6. YES! This world wouldn’t be as interesting nor as inspiring if it wasn’t for our diversity. I’m a strong believer in learning by others, and sometimes I learn the most about myself when I’m introduced to someone who’s very dissimilar to myself. Great post!!

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