The importance of acknowledging low feelings for what they are

We all have times where we feel low. Sometimes it is because you have just had a bad day, and sometimes it is because you are going through a tough and stressful time. I have had many moments where I have felt low, and this has made me realise the importance of acknowledging these feelings. Accepting my feelings for what they are, whether they are good or bad has been something that I have found beneficial. Therefore, I wanted to talk about this topic on this blog post, and discuss four reasons why I think accepting low feelings for what they are is important. Note that although I focus on why you should accept the low feelings for what they are in this blog post, a lot of this is applicable when it comes to feeling good and happy.

If you don’t accept your feelings for what they are, it can accumulate to the point where you can’t cope

Whenever you feel low, it is easy to try and ignore these feelings rather than accepting them. This is because sometimes we are under the impression that feeling low is a weakness, and something that will prevent us from achieving our goals. We feel that it is better to ignore these low feelings and think positively instead. However, if you continuously try to ignore your low feelings then they will accumulate, and it will get to a point where you simply cannot cope. A good example that illustrates this is if you are feeling low because you are in a job that you hate. It is easy to push this feeling away, and force yourself to feel grateful for the fact you have a job that pays you the bills. However, if you don’t accept the fact that you are feeling low and address it on some way then after a while it will get worse. You will continue to feel low due to your job and eventually that low feeling will lead to other areas of your life being impacted. To summarise, if you accept when you feel low and try and do something about it at the time, you can avoid it becoming a bigger problem later.

It helps with motivation

One thing that I realised very quickly is that fully accepting when you feel low can be upsetting and uncomfortable at times. However, sometimes feeling upset and uncomfortable at that point of time might just be what gives you extra motivation to succeed. To explain this further, I will give a personal example. In my second year of university, I applied for lots of summer internships and got rejected from all of them. This was extremely painful and hard to take. However, instead of brushing it off like nothing had happened, I took the time to reflect on things and I realised how upset I was about not getting a summer internship offer. The fact that I felt down and accepted it gave me extra incentive and motivation when applying for summer internships in my third year of university, as I didn’t want to feel that pain again. If you take time to acknowledge the times where you don’t feel good, it might not be easy accepting it, but it can also give you extra motivation to do something about it so you don’t feel low for long.

You learn to be kind to yourself and kind to others

In my opinion, one of the things that helps with wellbeing the most is knowing that it is ok to not be ok once in a while. The reason I say this is because when you acknowledge the low feelings for what they are and become comfortable with not being ok all the time, you become more kind to yourself. It is literally impossible to feel positive and happy 100% of the time and it is not something that can be forced either. When you accept and acknowledge the times you feel down then instead of being hard on yourself for feeling that way you will be more kind to yourself and prioritise your wellbeing. Furthermore, I have found that when you are kind to yourself, you become kind to others and are more empathetic and understanding of other people’s struggles, which is a fantastic quality to have.

You are in a better position to grow as a person

In a good number of cases, part of the reason why you may feel low or down is because you are facing a problem or going through a difficult period. Facing problems or difficult situations is never nice, but they help you learn and grow as a person. Therefore, if you acknowledge the fact that you are feeling low and part of the reason is because you are going through a hard time, then you are automatically accepting that you are going through a challenging situation. You are then in a better situation to use the challenge as a platform to grow as a person and learn new skills. Even if you are not feeling low because of a difficult situation, you can still develop strategies that help you cope, which is really useful in the long term.

Do you find it easy to accept when you feel low? What helps you acknowledge your low feelings?


20 thoughts on “The importance of acknowledging low feelings for what they are

  1. Thank you for this post. I feel it definitely spoke to me. For a while I’ve found it difficult to accept low feels and seeing them as weak. Over a period of time and some reflection I’ve realised acknowledging them can be positive because it creates more self awareness and being able to confront it is a strength. Great read, very well written


  2. Yep I agree with you, it’s ok not to be ok! A lot of the times we tend to look around at others and on social media then compare what we see to what we are experiencing and wonder why we are down. People may show that they are happy and having fun but that’s not always the case! We aren’t the only ones who feel down, everyone does and that is absolutely normal!


    1. Thats one of the drawbacks of social media imo, you don’t get the full story of how someone is feeling, and social media can trick you to thinking that everyone elses life is better than yours. A lot of people right now are feeling down, it’s not just you!

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  3. Super important message to be sharing! We have to be kind to ourselves, especially in a year like this one.


  4. Feeling low can definitely feel uncomfortable, but like you said, sometimes we need to lean into that restlessness. When I have moments of feeling down, I try to remind myself it’s temporary. I think it’s also easy to go down a rabbit hole so it’s important to try and do positive things to push past it and remind yourself that it’s okay to not always feel 100%. Great post 😊


    1. You make a good point that it is easy to go down a rabbit hole and when you see yourself falling into one you should do positive things and things that make you happy 🙂 Thanks for commenting Alice!

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  5. Absolutely! Acknowledging your feelings is so important! I loved the way you described how this process helps us grow as people as well 🙂


  6. For me, personally, it isn’t easy to accept the low feelings because then I’ll have to admit to myself that I feel this way, quite very often. But reading posts like yours, the self-acceptance process becomes a lot easier. Thank you!


  7. Heartfelt post..for me when I feel low I used to shout and get angry now I try to keep calm and acknowledge my emotions though wen I acknowledge I usually end up overthinking thts y I don’t like yo delve into my low mood wat to do ?


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