How to make new year resolutions you won’t regret in 2021 (collab post)

Hi everyone, it’s Jan, the face behind Jan On The Blog. I’ve taken over Niraj’s Blogs for a collab post today – thanks Niraj for having me over. I’m a millennial working mom and lifestyle blogger from the land down under in Melbourne, Australia. Jan On The Blog is a mixed bag with a little bit of everything – like wellness, blog hacks, things to ponder, parenting – because variety is the spice of life! With 2021 approaching fast, I teamed up with Niraj to share our top tips for getting New Year resolutions right. In this post, I will share 3 to-dos when making New Year resolutions. On the flip side, Niraj will share 3 mistakes to avoid, in his post today on Jan On The Blog. Hope you find our posts useful to come up New Year resolutions that stick in 2021.

What’s your history with New Year resolutions been like – an annual cycle of regret or success stories you can humbly brag about? Mine’s been a bit of both. A New Year resolution is something you want to commit to achieve in the coming year. I think it’s a fantastic concept and could be a great way to map out what we want to focus on in the New Year. Although we start off with good intentions, it’s the execution that tends to get patchy. Here are my top 3 tips to get your New Year resolutions right from the get-go.

Pick something that’s close to heart

A New Year in itself is exciting. It’s a new beginning which makes it a great time to start something new. Think about your aspirations – what you’ve been dreaming about achieving. What do you need to do to get there? That right there, is what you’re resolutions should be.

When you’re doing something you love, you feel happy and it doesn’t feel like work. When thinking about New Year resolutions you shouldn’t go too far – pick something that’s close to heart. You should be passionate about it. Why? Because when you’re excited and driven by passion, it’s going to be very easy to commit to it. You’re going to love doing it. It’s not going to feel like a chore and that means you’ll stick to it. At the end of the year, that’s what you want – a resolution you’ve stuck with. It starts with picking the right thing.

As I’ve said in few of my posts, I’ve had a gloomy history with body image and eating habits. I started many years with resolutions to lose weight and get fit – almost all of which ended in disappointment. At the end of 2019, I finally and thankfully embraced body positivity. For the first time in a very long time, I realised that my goal should be to love my body the way it is – not wait for it to be skinny to love it. I got passionate about self-care and that’s what I resolved to do in 2020. Because it was very close to my heart, I had no trouble devoting time and attention to it during the year. Was it smooth sailing all the way? Not at all. It was a bumpy road. But every time I slipped and fell, that little voice in my head nudged me to dust-off and keep going. Why? Because deep in my heart, I knew that self-care was too important to give up on. That’s why dear reader I say, pick resolutions that mean something to you – you aren’t likely go wrong with those.

Be realistic

Dream big. It’s something we’ve all heard many times and from very successful people too. As much as I love dreaming big, I’m also a realist – specially when it comes to setting resolutions. I think that most resolutions fail because they tend to be more wishful thinking, rather than achievable actions.

Resolutions should be bite-sized pieces of your big dream. Be realistic about what you can achieve in a year because we all know that those 365 days are going to fly by in the blink of an eye. It’s ok for resolutions to be challenging, as long as they aren’t unrealistic. It’s your call. If you think it’s doable that’s all that matters, because they are all about you. If you want to resolve to ‘stop eating chocolate’ but you know in your heart you’ll never be able to do it, then don’t set a resolution to fail. Instead, go for a more realistic version like ‘treat myself to one serve of chocolate a week’.

Also bear in mind that realism is vastly different from pessimism. Realism isn’t negative, it’s objective. Whatever resolution you want to make, put your realist hat on and make sure you aren’t trying to move mountains in a day.

Get into the specifics

Beauty is in the details. I love that saying because it’s true. For a resolution to really work, you need to be able to build it into mantra – a tagline of sorts that you can use as a daily reminder. You can only do that when you’ve gone into the specifics of a resolution. What exactly are you trying to achieve and when? That means instead of resolving to ‘improve fitness’ you break it down into something like ‘exercise for at least 30 minutes, 3 days a week’.

Going into detail when setting resolutions makes it easier to put them into action. You already have a good understanding of what steps you need to take and when to do them. That way, you can track your progress and celebrate milestones. It will motivate you even more to keep at your resolution.

As you get into the details and timeline of a resolution, don’t forget to factor in delays and detours because that’s a big part of life. As 2020 bluntly showed us all, expecting the unexpected is the ‘new normal’. Therefore, go easy on any deadlines you set yourself. Put some thought into how you would continue with your resolution if things don’t go according to your plan A – in other words, be prepared to go with a plan B. With a flexible mindset from the get-go, it’d be easier to adapt to the challenges life throws at you, and continue on your path to your resolution.

New Year resolutions shouldn’t be something we vigorously start on every year but never end. If you pick something close to heart, you are going to be naturally motivated to stick with it. Make sure your resolutions aren’t merely wishful thinking but are realistic and achievable. Go into detail when setting them because then you know the what, when and how of putting them into action right from the very beginning. That’s not all though. What about New Year resolution mistakes to avoid? Head over to Jan On The Blog because Niraj has some great tips for you! We hope our simple yet practical tips will help you break the cycle of regret with New Year resolutions in 2021. Go kick goals, we have faith in you.

Thanks for reading! Check out more of my posts on Jan On The Blog and let me know what you think.


16 thoughts on “How to make new year resolutions you won’t regret in 2021 (collab post)

  1. Love the recommendations – they are practical and useful! Being realistic is so important. Most times we set ourselves up for failure by aiming TOO high and giving up way to soon. And definitely picking something that you’re passionate about is important! People can keep telling you lose weight but if it isn’t doesn’t come from within you, you’re going to give up on it by the second week of January. 🙂
    Great post, Jan! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Love this. Especially the being realistic part. Patience is so important. A lot of people, including myself, have a desire/ belief that things will happen overnight but that is nothing more than a fairy tale!


  3. this is noted “Dream big. It’s something we’ve all heard many times and from very successful people too”
    Thank you for this new year resolutions of yours it looks like advice or an eye-opener to me.


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