Describing anxiety as a character

In a recent post, I talked to anxiety as if it was a person, and the link to this blog can be found here. This was a popular post, and I am glad that so many of you liked it! In this blog post, I will also pretend that anxiety is a person, and describe 4 personality traits of anxiety. This time, I will not speak to anxiety directly as if it was a person, but I will still describe some of the personality traits of anxiety, just like if I was describing a person.

Anxiety is clever

The fact that I have never been able to truly shake anxiety off is due to the fact that anxiety is very clever. Let’s think about me and anxiety as two enemies that fight every day, and I am trying to beat the anxiety on any given day, and vice versa. In this battle, anxiety is very clever in that it decides to strike at the most unpredictable time of the day, whether that is mid-afternoon, or just before I go to sleep. Anxiety also loves to change things up in how aggressively it decides to strike. You have to be clever in order to constantly mix things up in a battle, and anxiety is exactly that.

Anxiety is mean

This is the personality trait which I am sure most of you will agree with me on. If there is one thing that doesn’t change with anxiety, it’s how mean it is. It doesn’t care about your feelings, your worries or your stresses. It decides to show up whenever it wants without a care in the world for how you might react. I have had lots of rants with other people about anxiety, and that can be attributed to how mean anxiety is. What’s worse is that anxiety derives pleasure and happiness from hurting other people, could you get any meaner than that?

Anxiety doesn’t give up

Not only is anxiety clever, it is also incredibly persistent. It never gives up in its mission to hurt you and stress you out. One thing I have found is that even in times where I have felt that I have control over my anxiety, there is always that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that my anxiety has the ability to make its presence known. If anxiety gave up so easily after struggling to beat me, then things would be great. However, one of the hardest things when it comes to dealing with anxiety is that you know anxiety won’t give up, and there is still every chance that it can make its presence known.

Anxiety is overconfident

This might be one that not everyone agrees with, but I felt that this was true for my anxiety. One of the weaknesses of anxiety is that it seriously underestimates how resilient and strong humans are. Yes, anxiety is clever and never gives up, but sometimes it falls into the trap of thinking that if they win the battle for a few days then they will win the war. This overconfidence is ironically one of the things that makes anxiety slightly easier to deal with. I can just imagine anxiety enjoying a glass of wine when it tells me that I can’t do something, only to watch in total shock when I turn around and do it anyway.

Can you think of any other personality traits of anxiety?


28 thoughts on “Describing anxiety as a character

  1. You’ve cleverly described anxiety over here. I personally wouldn’t give it any characters or traits because I don’t want it to seem bigger than it is. One of the easiest ways I have found to deal with it is to reduce it to something very small.

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  2. It is a bully – and like bullies it hangs around when it gets a reaction. It also has to bow to words of faith and sneaks away with its tail between its legs – till next time!


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