4 things that I would tell my younger self

In this blog post, I will pretend that I am talking to my younger self. With time and experience, I have learnt a lot of things which I wish I could have told my younger self. However, I will do that in this blog post, and hopefully you will be able to relate to some of the things I say!

Don’t try and predict the future, chances are you will be wrong

You might think that will be able to predict the future with some degree of accuracy, and then use that to plan your present life. But I can guarantee you that no matter how hard you try, you will be wrong when it comes to predicting the future. This is because the future is so unpredictable and uncertain, and things will happen that you wouldn’t have expected. However, this is not completely a bad thing, as an unpredictable future also means that wonderful opportunities will come up that you wouldn’t have expected. So instead of trying to predict the future, embrace the uncertainty for what it is, and use it to your advantage.

Expressing your feelings is a strength

I know that you are shy and reluctant when it comes to expressing your feelings, because you think it can be considered weak for men and boys to admit that they are struggling. I can tell you with 100% certainty however that expressing your feelings and accepting them for what they are is a strength, not a weakness. Bottling up your feelings only causes more harm than good, and even if you don’t want to open up to many people, you should try and express your feelings to someone. Expressing your feelings allows you to deal with them in a more efficient way, as well as help you handle the challenges of life, as there will be many challenges you will have to face.

Embrace the fact that you are unique

I know you think that you are completely different to everyone else, and sometimes you feel that is a bad thing. I understand why you feel this way, but let’s think about it this way. Imagine if everyone in this world was exactly the same, and we didn’t have any differences whatsoever with anyone. Things would be incredibly boring, and it wouldn’t be a world living in. We need everyone to be different to each other for the world to be an interesting place, and sometimes having differences with other people can help build relationships. Yes, you are different from everyone else, but that only makes you unique, which is something you should embrace. The world needs unique individuals!

Expect challenges but believe in your ability to deal with them

Life is not easy, and is not meant to be easy. Therefore, you should expect challenges to come your way. Some challenges will be expected, whereas others will be unexpected and ones you haven’t come across before. However, it is important to believe in your ability to deal with them, as you are better and stronger than you know. Furthermore, also remember that challenges are a blessing in disguise, as you will learn so much from them that will help you become the best version of yourself.


17 thoughts on “4 things that I would tell my younger self

  1. Expressing yourself is such a great wisdom to tell our younger selves. I never really thought about it until now because since then I had this mindset of less talk less mistakes. And that mindset just silenced me. So, yes expressing yourself is a great strength.

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  2. Great post. Life is truly very unpredictable and full of challenges. Learning to embrace that and trust in our ability to overcome challenges will help us live happier. If not we might be constantly stressed by the what ifs of life.

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    1. The what ifs in life is something that can be so stressful to think about, but sometimes we have to let go and let life take its course. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  3. Thank you for the abundance of wisdom here! Seeking the skills or lessons within the challenges brings courage and strength. Thanks for following, “Anything is Possible!”


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