Guest Post – How I am teaching myself to take care of my wellbeing

to those who don’t know me, hi! i’m amelia (I also go by the name mills), and my blog is bymills. i am a 19-year-old university student studying psychology and sport and exercise science! i’m a big foodie, love cooking and of course an avid netflix watcher (who isn’t these days?). i am also a massive formula 1 fan! i love sharing posts about my university life, as well as health and fitness, productivity and academia!

*note: i write all lower case, i know this is very different to most bloggers but i feel it brings a more chilled aspect and a more casual vibe to the post.

i do just want to thank niraj for allowing me to write this guest post and i am so excited to share this with you!

since the 3rd national lockdown in the uk, my wellbeing has taken a hit, and i can suffer a rollercoaster of emotions, particularly living on my own at university. before coming to university, i never really knew how to properly look after myself, particularly my mind. even now i am still working on it… and i believe it’s more about the progress than the ultimate goal. i have found that my wellbeing, particularly my mental health struggles a lot more when i am on my own for a night, where i do feel lonely (this is completely normal when attending university), and where i feel i am missing out on anything.

some days are worse than others. for example, a few weeks back i slept for 3 hours to avoid my problems, before sitting on my bed for 2 hours doing absolutely nothing. it’s normal, we all have those days. and this is something i am getting to grips with a lot more, and hence why i am working to improve and create a routine where i feel i can take care of myself.

i’m a big fan of creating routines and this is something i really want to try to implement into my life. i have come up with 4 stages to creating a routine, and i recommend doing this to work out what is best for you. I have decided to group these into ‘stages’ rather than just giving 10-15 random ideas to give a little more structure to the routine!

please bear in mind what may work for me, may not work for you, i am purely trying to inspire you to create a routine that works for you, potentially with similar ideas to mine! if you would prefer to not create a routine in stages that works too!

stage 1 – a good pamper

i think a pamper is such a good idea and does work for all – i know my boyfriend loves a good face mask, so this isn’t just particularly aimed at females. it is such a good form of self-care and i find it so comforting! things that work for me are:

  • face masks
  • painting my nails
  • having a shower
  • full skincare routine

one thing i wanted to talk through because not many people would class this as a ‘pamper’ activity, is having a shower, which at the moment is my favourite form of self-care (apologies if you’ve already heard me rave about this on my own blog!). i personally just love putting some music on, hopping in the shower for a couple songs length and just getting warm under the water. it also means you feel clean which is such a great feeling in my opinion!

stage 2 – expression and creativity

if you are a creative person like me (i blame being a pisces for this one), expression and creativity can be such a good way to relax. examples of this can be:

  • journaling
  • colouring book (yes, i am 5)
  • planning blog posts

the colouring is something i want to touch on – yes it seems very childish, but i mean i have a colouring book of swear words because it weirdly feels therapeutic to me. i wish i could have photographed some of the words to show you, but we are keeping it PG here!

stage 3 – organisation

I. AM. SO. ORGANISED. it is mad, anyone who knows me personally knows i’m usually pretty on top of everything, i’m always planning something or doing something on the side of my university work. so for me, organisation and planning make me very happy, hence it’s in this routine. it calms me down and it is something i really enjoy. the two examples off the top of my head are:

  • planning (using a physical planner or notion on my laptop)
  • setting up new notion pages

stage 4 – comfort

as to any pamper/chill routine, comfort is key. no point trying to do a chilled routine in jeans and un-comfy clothes! this aspect of the ‘routine’ as such is to create a relaxed environment that i feel calm in! usually i would do this part first as it sets the tone for the entire night.

  • comfy clothes
  • have a cuppa and a sweet treat
  • netflix/youtube and blankets

all of these ideas are so good for me, it makes me feel so cosy. typically, i would turn on my fairy lights in my university room to create a chill vibe. i love a good cup of tea in the evening with some chocolate or biscuits: perfect end to a night. i can go to sleep a happy gal!

so to summarize, my routine consists of:

  • stage 1: a good pamper, consisting of activities such as a face mask and painting my nails
  • stage 2: expression and creativity through journaling and colouring
  • stage 3: organisation and planning
  • stage 4: comfy vibes and creating a relaxed environment!

i do want to stress i don’t do all of those things every time, i aim to do 2 things from each stage of the routine (these stages don’t have to be in a particular order). and if i don’t complete 2 from each and i do 3 from 1 and 0 from another, i don’t beat myself up for it, i simply just carry on. i would say because i usually have my worst spells in the evening this also works as a very good ‘chill’ routine for an evening.

the reason i am wanting to share this is because if you are in a similar position, or are just having a bad day, you can attempt to turn it around! as i said i am still working on it which means it is touch and go for me!

i am extremely excited to start implementing this routine when i have a bad day (which hopefully isn’t soon), but at least i know how i can cheer myself up!

once again, i just want to thank niraj for allowing me to write this post to share with you all, and if you really enjoyed this post, my blog will be linked below (i post very similar content to this), and i will also link my Instagram as i love posting stories on there!

hope everyone has had a fab week,

mills x




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