How I enjoy helping people by writing blogs

I properly started this blog a year ago after my final year university exams. Fast forward one year and I still enjoy blogging, and I have grown this blog a lot. One thing that I enjoy the most is the ability to help people from around the world by sharing my own experiences, and in this blog post I will talk about 4 ways that I enjoy helping others by my blog posts.

People are able to relate to my blog posts

When I choose topics to write about, I aim to make them such that a good number of people who read the blog post can relate to it in some way. This is important for me, as I feel that the people that can relate to what I talk about are more likely to get something out of the blog post. Near the start of my blogging journey, I enjoyed talking about mental health and wellbeing as those were topics that were relevant for everyone, so therefore the most majority of my readers would have been able to relate in some way. However, as my blogging journey went on, although I still wanted my bloggers to relate to my blog posts, I was not as fussed if not everyone could relate, and some topics were such that not everyone would have been able to relate to. For example, people that either weren’t on the autistic spectrum or know no one on the spectrum would not have been able to relate to everything I talked about in my recent autism blog series. However, it has always been a nice feeling getting comments from readers saying that they could relate to a blog post of mine that they have read.

Some of my blogs are on non-standard topics which give a unique perspective

One of the aims that I had for my blog was to write blog posts on specific topics that not many other bloggers would write about. I also wanted to give opinions that I had that deviated from the majority. For examples, topics that not many bloggers tend to write about include adjusting to new environments and the challenge of maintaining friendships. Furthermore, opinions that I have given that have deviated from the majority include an insight on why it’s not enough to talk about mental health. The thing I find most enjoyable about writing on non-standard blogging topics or giving views that may be uncommon is that is allows me to bring a unique perspective on things. These blogs also tend to be more interesting and gives my readers something to genuinely think about.

Some of my blogs allow people to learn something

Another way that I enjoy helping my readers is by giving them a chance to learn something. Note that this is not my intention for every single blog post, for example my post on how everyone deals with things differently was more to make people aware rather than to teach them something that they don’t know. However, a good number of my blog posts are ones where readers can come away having either learnt something, which can help improve their lives in some way. For example, quite a few readers that read my blog series on autism said that it helped them understand the autistic spectrum better. Furthermore, most blog posts are not ones where readers learn something completely new, but ones where they learn the importance of something. A good example of a blog post where readers learn the importance of something is why it’s important to take ownership of your problems. Learning something in some way, no matter how small, helps people become the best version of themselves.

My blogs allow readers to reflect

I think this is my favourite way of helping people. I am a big fan of reflecting on things, as I believe that it is so important for your self-development. Therefore, I want to give other people a chance to reflect on things as well after reading one of my blog posts. Different blog posts that I have written allow reflection on different things. However, one such example that I want to point out is my blog post on why its not enough to talk about mental health (which is actually one of my favourite blog posts I have written). A lot of us believe that it is important to talk openly about mental health, however this blog post allowed people to reflect on their own actions and whether they were genuinely being good listeners to others that were struggling with their mental health. From the comments I have got during my blogging journey, I have helped much more people than I thought when it comes to reflecting on things which really makes me happy.

What are your favourite aspects about blogging?  


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