Reflecting on the first 3 months of 2021: Part 4 – How I want to use this period in a positive way

In part 4 of this blog series, I will be talking about how I will aim to use this period (i.e. the first 3 months of 2021) in the most positive way. This is an ideal example of using pain in a positive way (I wrote a blog post about this which can be found here). I feel that I am already starting to deal with the aftermath of the first 3 months of 2021 in a positive way, but I want to continue doing so in the next few weeks and months (and even years!). I hope this blog post can also help people reading this in dealing with the aftermath of this pandemic in the most positive and productive way.

Not getting complacent when things are going well

This may seem like something negative, but I do think it is a positive way to go about things. Complacency is so easy to fall in the trap into, especially when things are going well. For me, things were going quite well before this pandemic struck. I had just secured a new graduate job, and I was nearing the end of a pretty successful chapter of my life which was university. Then the pandemic struck which led to the next chapter of my life starting off a lot differently to what I had expected. Although I didn’t feel I was complacent at any stage, this certainly showed me the importance of guarding against complacency when things are going well, as things can change in an instance. I hope that there are many good periods in the years to come, but I also want to make sure I am never complacent no matter how well something appears to be going.

Making the most of every opportunity presented

When it came to opportunities related to a face-to-face setting such as socials, the situation in the UK in the first 3 months of 2021 meant that these opportunities were not available for me. Furthermore, it is unfortunate that for a lot of us, the last 15 months have been 15 months of missed opportunities of some sort. Therefore, it is only fair for me to make the most of every single opportunity that is presented to me in the future, as well as make my own opportunities. I feel that the first 3 months of 2021 have provided me with ample motivation to create my own exciting opportunities in the future, including ones that I may not necessarily have created if it wasn’t for the pandemic.

Reminding myself that I deserve a better future

For some people this can be considered as giving yourself positive affirmations, whereas for others it isn’t. Either way, this is something that is relevant to all of us, as we all deserve to build a better future after the events of the past year. I know that I have the potential for an exciting future ahead, and constantly reminding myself that I deserve an exciting future can help me feel good about myself. I often think about all the things that I am excited about over the next few months on train journeys to and from work, and that is a nice thought to keep me occupied. Essentially, the key is to try and fill your mind with positive thoughts that motivate and empower you (even though this is easier said than done). For me, instead of telling myself I want a better future, telling myself I DESERVE a better future helps motivate me considerably.

Ensure I work even harder than before

I am a big fan of hard work, as although luck does play a part in succeeding, you cannot rely on luck alone. Hard work was what enabled me to overcome every challenge that has been presented to me prior to this pandemic. However, the first 3 months of 2021 in particular presented me with numerous challenges which were extremely difficult to deal with, and trying to move forward from that period slowly but surely presents a challenge in itself. Overcoming this current challenge I am facing of moving forward requires hard work, and I have to ensure that I work even harder than before. Working hard in all aspects in life, from career to relationships does pay off eventually, even if not immediately.

How are you planning to deal with the aftermath of the pandemic in a positive way?


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