Guest Post – 5 ways to enjoy your own company

This is a guest post from Shreya, and a link to her blog can be found here. She will be talking about 5 ways in which we can enjoy our own company.

Have you ever felt like you need to have some quiet time just by yourself? A break from everyone else? Well, wanting to spend some time alone is a normal feeling and sometimes, a necessity. We all need time to spend by ourselves to rejuvenate our body, mind and soul.

However, the idea of being alone can be scary. But if we never spend time alone, we’ll never know who we really are and what we want in life.

Figuring out how to be distant from everyone else and appreciating it will help you get closer to your thoughts and body. It will also help you avoid unhealthy friendships and relationships because now you are not scared of being alone.

The meaning of enjoying your own company is to be at ease with the thought of being single, sharing time with yourself, and savouring the little pleasures even though there’s no one to share the joy with. Enjoying your life often entails being grateful for your free time, taking advantage of the benefits of being alone, and not allowing the prospect of being alone to prevent you from leading a fulfilling life.

Even these recent days of Covid have allowed us to reintroduce our relationship with ourselves. Spending more time at home, exploring new ways of living, and discovering new ways to have fun has brought us all together and a better understanding of who we are at our core.

Being an introvert myself, I can assure you that, we (introverts) are very skilled at the practice of enjoying our own company and never getting bored. There’s a lot of self-realisation when you start enjoying your own company. Over the past few years, I’ve learnt so much about myself, my likes, my dislikes, how I work, what things I love to do, what annoys me, what makes me happy etc.

I love having my own company. I like having time alone and make the most of it. Yes, I do get bored from time to time, but it’s just because I resist doing stuff I know I’d enjoy. So, today I’d like to share with you some of my little tips for learning to enjoy your own company.

Read a book or something you don’t know about

I really love to sit alone with a good book to read and most likely, a cup of coffee. Doing the same things every day causes the mind to become sedentary. Choose something that piques your imagination while still igniting a part of your brain that you don’t normally use. You can simply choose what you wouldn’t normally read, it can be a celebrity biography, a World War II thriller, or a nonfiction book on food science. So, make it a tradition to feed your mind with something that interests you at least once a week. If you don’t like reading, listen to a podcast if your mind is stuck. Learning is a never-ending process, so there’s no risk in igniting a fresh flame in your head.

Write your heart out:

This can mean hundreds of pages of journaling for certain people. But if you don’t consider yourself a writer, get a notebook and start writing one – just one – sentence everyday day about something that happened to you, something you heard, or something that interests you. Make it a ritual to write down your ideas and emotions. Blog about something that happened during the day, anything you saw, or anything you learned. If you’ve never written anything before, you’ll be shocked by how much it will help you to escape from the real world for a while. Furthermore, writing will help you in understanding yourself better. You’ll notice that you’re more in tune with your feelings and thoughts.

Watch a movie:

When I have a drink and some popcorn in front of me, I can never be bored because I can watch some fantasy episodes, nice thrillers and action, romantic comedy, or even drama. This is like the ideal way to enjoy and also my preferred process. I love watching videos on YouTube and can go on for hours straight. So, get a drink and a bowl of popcorn, along with earphones, and start binge-watching your favourite shows. It’s also the perfect time to watch all those classic movies you’ve always wanted to see.

Spend some quiet time with yourself:

Our lives have become so hectic that we barely have much time to ourselves. You may not know it right now, but making calm in the middle of the chaos of everyday life is vital to your wellbeing. No, when I say quiet time, I am not actually suggesting you meditate outside or do yoga alone in a bed. You might even go on a walk alone without talking with others along the way. You simply have to concentrate on connecting with yourself, and your thoughts will find you.

Organize your space:

Personally, this is something I absolutely love to do. De-cluttering and cleaning have a strange kind of comfort. Keep your living space tidy and clutter-free. Cleaning your wardrobe and getting rid of the things you don’t wear/use anymore is a good place to start with. Don’t be afraid to throw out things you haven’t seen in a long time. This would prevent you from having a pile of useless items in your home. Take pleasure in the peace of mind that comes with this easy act!

So, which of the above methods of enjoying your own company did you prefer?


16 thoughts on “Guest Post – 5 ways to enjoy your own company

  1. I’m actually alone at the moment, listening to music, drinking green tea(it’s soo cold) and enjoying reading amazing blogs posts especially yours 😊having the best time♡


  2. Great post and spot on info regarding something so precious as “me time” I’m Married but still need time alone to reconnect and my wife and I both know the value it brings so ensure we both have independent “me time”. Mine is spent in my Garden just enjoying the sounds and sight of nature.


  3. Good post! I am actually practicing mindfulness to get to know myself and to learn to be at peace with myself!


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