Guest Post – A letter to my teen self

Hello folks, I’m Gayatri from elle’s thoughts. I am sharing my letter to my teenself with you guys. Feel free to share your Story with me on instagram

Dear teenage me,

There are so many things I want to tell you, I wish I would have sent this letter to you. I would have made you read this letter. I wish you had experienced so many things that I regret looking back at it.  sitting here and having the glimpse of everything clearly of my teenage days. It brings a beautiful smile to my face.

I wish I could make this time fun and enjoyable with my lovely friends around me. Start doing the things which make you feel better. Don’t just blindly follow others, try out the different things.

Stop being so stressed over small things which don’t matter to you. Doing every task with so much pressure, which is of no use. Being the first in the race of the world, do you think of winning? Will never help to learn from failure. Failure will make you much stronger to stay in this fight.

Try out volunteering and help people because, why not. The time which you have now will not remain the same. Helping others is helping yourself. While doing the work with a smile, people will like to work with you.

Remember this quote “people will forget what you said. People will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

by Maya Angelou

Stop doubting yourself you have the ability to do everything. The only thing you need is to start doing that thing. You might think you are bad at painting, but look at you now you are doing so many awesome paintings. You only need a push to start. Abilities might not be as expert, as you start but to reach that expert level you need to start. Stop wasting time over thinking all the time, start doing the things.

If any mishap things are happening, don’t be sad over it. It’s obvious to get sad, but just think of this: “Is this going to affect me 5 year later in my life, if your answer is no. Then just being sad over it” that worry, sadness is of no use.

When you are doing something that others are doing to ‘it’s our mind which starts indirectly comparing with others, am I doing better than that person?

Instead of comparing yourself with other fellows, admire them and start learning more and more.

Start manifesting your dreams, goals. Starting your morning with affirmations and being grateful for what you have. I have enough things which I want, will make you satisfied.

It’s okay to change the environment,it’s okay to be introverted, it’s okay to have few friends. I know you are trying to adapt to those changes, trying so hard on yourself it won’t work.

Trying to fit in the frames of others will only be a loss of yours. You are losing your main self. Your choices are important over others, your opinions are important, your preference may be different from others, but they are yours, don’t lose yourself. Be you, that kind little girl who wanted to talk, who wanted to have fun. Don’t be afraid, just be confident and enjoy yourself.

Trust your instinct, not others’ paths. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Learn to love, stop running away from people. Learn to prioritize people over work. At last people are going to be there for you at odds and evens. Stop being alone, you have time to learn ,experience and enjoy with people.

After a few years it is just going to be formal talks with people. You have time for a real casual fun chat session.

Remember you are the champion.


Your future self.

Now I would love to hear from you.what you would like to write to your teenself?

What advice will you give to your teen self?


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