Discussing why lots of people have felt mentally drained lately

From talking to other people, it is clear that a lot of people have felt mentally drained. Some people have even struggled from burnout. The challenges other people have faced regarding this are very similar to the challenges I have faced recently, so I have been able to relate to them. This blog post will talk about why a lot of people are mentally drained, and things that could help overcome this feeling.

In my opinion, having a schedule which is constantly busy has played a part in people feeling mentally drained. A good people feel that their schedules are such that there are busy periods as well as quieter periods. This is good as the quieter periods give more of a chance to rest and unwind. However, having a schedule that is constantly busy can be very difficult to cope with. This is because you barely get any respite and time to properly unwind. This does take a toll, and slowly reduce your energy to a point where you eventually feel mentally drained. For a lot of people I have spoken to, feeling mentally drained and burnout has been due to being constantly busy for a long period of time, which meant that the exhaustion with navigating a busy schedule eventually caught up with them.

Furthermore, for some of my friends, their busy schedule has involved one or two specific things that have taken a massive toll on their wellbeing, e.g. exams. Coping with this specific thing on its own has been hard, but having to deal with all the other things alongside this has pushed them past the point of burnout. However, when one particular aspect of life is stressful then that can impact every other aspect of your life. For example, if work is particularly stressful and busy, then that can impact your social life, family life, hobbies etc. The combination of everything can lead to feeling mentally drained.

The fact that a lot of people have felt mentally drained has shown clearly that we are all so prone to facing wellbeing challenges. I often think that I am not doing a good job with dealing with my busy schedule as I feel that I am exhausted a lot of the time, which takes a toll on my wellbeing. However, exhaustion and the subsequent impacts on wellbeing has been an emotion that a lot of my friends have been able relate to, as they have felt the same way with dealing with their own busy schedules. It is clear that no one is dealing with things perfectly, and instead we are all trying our best to do what we can.  

From my own experiences, there are a couple of things that help me when feeling mentally drained, or when I am extremely busy:

  • Schedule in self care

A good number of us like to schedule things in, as well as making do to lists. However, one thing that is normally not scheduled in or in a to do list is time for self-care. The problem with this is that it often gets overlooked as a result. The vast majority of us get so caught up in the busyness of life, which means that we effectively forget to take the time to do things related to self-care. However, this is just as important as our day-to-day responsibilities, as otherwise we don’t get the chance to recharge our batteries in order to do our day-to-day responsibilities in the first place.  Scheduling in self-care time means that we are putting it as a priority, making us more likely to do it. You don’t have to schedule in self-care time for a full day every week, it can just be for half an hour each day.

  • Set clear boundaries

This is something that is so easily overlooked as well. When we are extremely busy, it can feel that we are being pulled in all directions and we have no control over our time. However, this is sometimes made worse because we don’t set clear boundaries. Setting boundaries can come in several forms. You could set a boundary for yourself, e.g. not looking at social media past 10pm. You could also set boundaries when it comes to your friendships e.g. giving at least a few days’ notice before meeting up. When we make and set boundaries, we are only making small tweaks to our lifestyle. But as a result, we regain more control over our time, which can help a lot with overcoming mental exhaustion.


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