About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Niraj, and I am a graduate from the University of Warwick, having studied for an Integrated Masters Degree in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics! I currently work as an investment consultant.

Having suffered from anxiety issues whilst at university, I know about the mental health issues that university students face, and how tough it can be. Therefore, by writing these blogs, I aim to raise awareness on different aspects of mental health and wellbeing, and help as many people as I can by sharing my own experiences. I also write about various lifestyle topics.

I am also on the autistic spectrum, so I share my experiences to raise awareness and promote autism acceptance.

I am always open to suggestions on topics to write about, so if there is anything in particular that you want me to write about then feel free to get in touch with me 🙂 

To get in touch with me you can email me on nirajshah2003@gmail.com

You can also follow my Instagram page, the link of which is below: