Guest Post – 5 Tips to maintain a well-balanced life

Hey readers, I’m Inna from TheDailySunlight blog. I am a lifestyle blogger and I write about various topics such as blogging advice, personal growth, self-care and more. My goal is to help people better themselves all while enjoying life.

I am here to share a few tips on how to maintain a well balanced life. It is no secret that life can get overwhelming at times, things got even worse when Covid-19 happened. It changed our lives completely. I think we all learned a few things including the fact that we should be grateful. I also learned that it is important to keep a balance between the various aspects of our lives in order to stay healthy mentally and physically. Your happiness is beyond everything else. 

Know Your Priorities 

You should always know what is important for you. We live in a world where we get used to multitasking. You are never really just doing one thing. There are plenty of activities, things to do, people to talk to. But, not everything and everyone is important to you. Make a list, write down important tasks and prioritize the first three things on your list. Setting your priorities will help you gain confidence in yourself and will lead you to your goals. Anything is possible if you focus on yourself and stay consistent. 

Be Grateful 

You’ll be a lot happier when you realize all the things that you have. Whether it is your health, your financial stability, your family and friends, you should be happy to have any of these. Let’s think about quality over quantity. You don’t need a lot of  friends who make you doubt yourself, one that trusts you and believes in you is more than enough. I practice gratitude by writing three things that I am grateful for every day and it has helped me a lot. If you are reading this, can you think of something that you are grateful for today? Take a moment to look around and see the beauty of your surroundings. Seize every opportunity you get and enjoy life. 

Take Care of Your Health

It is important to take care of your mental and physical health. You can’t really do anything if you are unhealthy and unhappy.  The trick is to not take things seriously but instead to have fun. You can simply play your favorite sport and that will count as exercising. You can get creative by writing or drawing in a journal and that will keep your mind at ease. We have to nurture our mind and body. Move around, run or even walk but keep moving. You have to force your body to stay active in order to feel healthy. Also, whenever you need to, take that nap. We don’t always get 8 hours of sleep, I know a lot of people who sleep for less than 5 hours (I used to do that too). Do not hesitate to take a nap, trust me, you won’t regret it. The healthier you are, the better you will feel about yourself and that will make you happy. 

Connect With Yourself

If you want a well-balanced life, you need to keep a positive mind, be kind to yourself and put yourself first. When we talked about priorities earlier, you should always be your first priority. Everything begins with you. It is important that you take time to connect with your own mind and body. Write down your thoughts, do a little skin care routine, get to know you. We often want  to go out with friends and family but we are afraid of going out alone. When was the last time you went out by yourself to do something for you? As a book lover, I would often go to bookstores by myself but that is it. I wouldn’t do anything else by myself. I think spending some time alone with yourself is mandatory. We should all have a “me time” often and enjoy our own company at times. 

Treat Yourself

When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? This seems like something very easy but I know people who never really treat themselves. This doesn’t have to be anything huge, it could be eating your favorite meal while watching your favorite show. I’ll tell you a little secret, sometimes I buy cake even if it isn’t anyone’s birthday.  I simply feel like eating a cake and I just do it. I believe that it is always the little things that matter. You should do a lot of things that make your heart happy. Give yourself a break and do something nice for you.


15 thoughts on “Guest Post – 5 Tips to maintain a well-balanced life

  1. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to write for your blog. It was lovely working with you. I think it is very important to keep a good balance of different aspects of our lives. I hope that this post will remind people to take care of themselves and be more grateful towards life.

    Thank you again, Niraj!


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